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Types of Shoes for Men and Women to Complete Your Outdoor Look

Nowadays, outfit look isn't only about clothes, but including hair, accessories, and bag. Something that you wear on your foot also can attract other people's attention. Either nice or bad, everything on your body is presenting you, maybe your personality too. Despite all of that, do you know that there are many types of shoes for outdoor activities? Here the information you have to know.

5 Usual Types of Men and Women's Footwear

  1. Sneakers for Men and Women

Do you like to collect comfortable footwear? If yes, then you must have this one. Sneakers are cleats designed for sports or physical activities, but nowadays widely used for casual occasions. If you like this item for a must-wear outdoor look, then you may be an easy-going and flexible person. This product has many designs and colors from bright until the dark ones like black.

  1. Boots for Women

If you live in the country with four seasons, including winter, this item is a match. But, even it's not winter, you can use these shoes as an additional outfit to play with snow out there. Usually, women with long legs wear this one. There are two kinds of boots. First are fashionable and the second are boots for the rain season or go to the rice fields. All of them are comfortable to wear.

  1. Oxfords for Men

There are many kinds of men's footwear, including this one. Name "oxford" is from Oxon language, which means semi-boots with a slim design. The concept of it is a closed-lacing system, short heel, and the height only until your ankle. This is one of the formal cleats. You can match it with a suit or blazers. It gives an elegant touch to your look. The colors of these shoes usually are black and brown.

  1. Classic Canvas for Men And Women

Almost similar to sneakers, but not for sports. It is more casual and you can wear it to school, university, or just to hang out with your friends. This product is very popular among teenagers and whoever in their 20s. It gives you a free-natural spirit look and inexpensive price. Classic canvas also suitable for almost every activity. There are two types of this item, the high and the low tops.

  1. Mountain Slippers

This item is an offer to the mountain climbers. It can be made from soft fleece that gives instant warmth to your foot. Choose these shoes with durability and water-resistance. The rubber outsole for traction must be made from non-slippery material to prevent you from falling. There are also mountain slippers with a thick and removable insole, make it more comfortable to wear.

In conclusion, there are footwears that universal, both men and women can wear it. But, there also footwear that only for men or women. All of them have various colors and sizes. You just need to pick the right one to match it with your Jackets and Vests. Don't forget the comfort. You may come to our store and check it out in case there is footwear that you are looking for.