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Hiking Sandals

The Best Hiking Sandals – A Buying Guide

Unlike hiking shoes that might lead you to feel tight on your feet, hiking sandals are more comfortable. They are the perfect footwear to choose especially if you want to hike in a quite high temperature. Sandals are a more “low-key” option if you want to go casual for your outdoor activities. Certain factors like the materials and designs of the sandals play an important role to add up comfort to the footwear. Get to know more about a good pair of sandals for hiking should be on the following page.

Hiking Sandals

The Best Hiking Sandals – Critical Considerations

Picking up the best hiking sandals could be very tricky. Knowing what you are looking for in footwear will be very helpful. Take these critical considerations in mind when you are shopping for the best sandals for your next hiking trip. 

  • Sizing

You need to keep in mind that the sizing of sandals for hiking is different from ordinary footwear. Most of the time, trekking sandals are determined by several factors. These include where your lands and how much space is available between the tip of your foot. You can find the one that fits your feet the most by trying them on in person before purchasing. Also, don’t worry that you take the wrong size since most sandals for hiking are adjustable, meaning that it will be easy for you to get a more dialed-in fit.

  • Traction

Traction is another thing you should put into consideration when picking up the best sandals for hiking. The design of the sandals should make you comfortable and the materials used should keep you away from slipping on any kind of surface, especially if you need to water crossing. 

  • Hiking Terrain

Think about hiking terrain as well when you are shopping for trekking sandals. This is because the type of terrain you are going to go through will determine the type of sandals as well. For instance, you might need trekking sandals with a secure fit, rugged soles, and good traction if you want to walk on rough surfaces. But, hiking footwear with a textured footbed and grippy soles will be a better option if the hiking trek also needs you to cross a river.

The Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Trekking sandals for women are different from men, in both standard sizes and designs. If you are looking for the rightest hiking sandals women, here is the list to help you narrow down your options.

  1. Chaco Z/ 1 Classic

If you need women's sandals for hiking that provide you comfort, durability, and support, Chaco/ Z/ 1 Classic is a perfect option to take. It also offers you excellent traction to avoid slipping when exploring nature. Not only that but the sandals also come with a wide range of colors available for you to choose from. One of the best things about Chaco Z/ 1 Classic is that it can be adjusted to all kinds of foot shapes.

  1. Keen Clearwater CNX

Keen Clearwater CNX is a lightweight sandal for hiking, making it perfect for women. They are amphibious hiking sandals, meaning that that the footwear will provide you with ultimate protection when you are crossing water or walking on trails. Keen Clearwater CNX is a closed sandal to protect your feet from sharp river rocks.

  1. Chaco Z/ Cloud

This is another product under the Chaco brand that will be great footwear for hiking. Just like 1 Classic, Cloud will also provide you with excellent traction, making you comfortable to walk on any surface. Furthermore, the sandals are also comfortable and supportive. Chaco Z/ Cloud is also adjustable to make it easier for you to fit the sandals on your feet. 

  1. ECCO Yutan

ECCo Yutan comes with a casual look that is perfect for outings in nature. The comfortable straps added will keep your feet in their places while hiking. Ecco Yutan is a sturdy pair of trekking sandals that are not only solid on the outside but also soft on the inside. The sandals are durable, thanks to the high-quality materials used. The footbed of the sandals also feels soft on the skin, making them comfortable to wear for walking hundreds of miles.

  1. Bedrock Cairn 3D Pro 2 Adventure Sandals

This minimalist hiking footwear is unique and highly adjustable. Bedrock Cairn 3D Pro 2 Adventure Sandals make it easier for you to adjust the straps as well as the volume. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design of the sandals offers comfortability when they are used for hours of walking.

The Best Mens Hiking Sandals

Just like women's sandals for hiking, mens hiking sandals also come with various options. Here are some best options you can find out in the market.

  1. Keen Newport H2

Either it is crossing a small river or walking on rough trails, hiking always gives you unexpected things to face. This is why Ken Newport H2 will be a good footwear option to choose from. The footwear will not only provide you with good protection on rough surfaces but also when you need to cross a stream. Not only durable but Ken Newport H2 also comes with an antibacterial footbed to control moisture and avoid bad odor when wearing the sandals.

  1. Merrel Kahuna 4 Step

Merrel Kahuna is completed with extra protection to ensure that you will enjoy a fun hiking experience. The rubber soles and stretch collar attached to the sandals make them comfortable to wear. These sandals are the perfect footwear for a casual stroll along the water or lands.

  1. ECCO Sport Yutan Sandal

Speaking about the rightest hiking sandals for men, put this ECCO Sport Yutan Sandal on your shopping list. It comes with a sportier design and soft microfiber, making them feel comfortable on your feet. ECCO sandal also offers you a snug fit, thanks to a two-point adjustment feature added to the footwear. Meanwhile, the rubber outsole of the ECCO sandal also makes it possible for you to get all the ease when you are going through rough terrain on your hiking trip. check more outdoor stuff on