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Hiking Clothes for Both Men and Women

Hiking clothes are now available for both men and women. Because this outdoor activity is not only loved by men but also women. Though hiking takes a lot of efforts, the scenery will be very worth it. This is why many people always want to hike again. However, hiking requires some preparations. You need to wear comfortable and quality hiking outfits to support this of your favorite outdoor activity. Below are the recommendations of hiking outfits for women and men.

women with yellow jacket and back pack go hiking

Top Hiking Clothes for Women and Other Outfits

  • Decathlon Kalenji Run Dry Women’s Running T-Shirt

Women cannot ignore their style and appearance, including when they are hiking. However, most women tend to choose clothes based on the model. In fact, you cannot use common cotton T-shirts when you are hiking. Common cotton T-shirts cannot absorb sweat well. They will make you feel cold when you are wet. And this condition can trigger hypothermia. This is why women must wear quick-dry T-shirts, such as Decathlon Kalenji Run Dry Women’s Running T-Shirt.

These hiking clothes for women are made from thin materials so that it can absorb sweat well. Moreover, just like the name, it also quickly dries. This T-shirt is available in various bright colors that will make you look stylish.

  • Sorex Bright Sports Bra

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that requires freedom of movement. This is why it is important to wear comfortable undergarment. Especially when you bring a carrier or backpack, your back and shoulders will hurt if you use a bra with conventional straps. It will be better if you use a comfy sports bra that can easily absorb sweat. This sports bra from Sorex is equipped with a padding that can support your breasts when you are hiking.

It is made from elastic, quality Polyester that can absorb sweat well. This sports bra can help you to freely and comfortably move when you are hiking.

  • Claw Longpants Outdoor Quickdry Pangrango

Wearing jeans when hiking is a big no. Jeans will make it difficult for the legs to get air circulation, especially skinny jeans. Jeans are also hard to clean from dirt. If it gets wet, jeans will hardly dry and it will become heavy. It will be better if you use pants made from parachute or cargo. These 2 materials are easy to clean from dirt and easy to dry as well if it gets wet. Claw Longpants Outdoor Quickdry Pangrango is made from quick-dry stretch materials.

It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, these pants are also practical because they feature some pockets and zippers. So, you can store your important personal items in the pockets and easily take them out without having to unpack your hiking bag.

  • Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down Jacket

Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down is a portable and lightweight jacket. Many female hikers love this jacket because it saves some spaces inside the carrier. It is made from goose feather. This is why this jacket is warm though it is thin. It is also waterproof and features windbreaker. With this jacket, you can still feel warm though the weather is freezing.

Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down Jacket can also make you look stylish. When you are looking for an ultra light down jacket, make sure the size fits you. You are suggested to pick the one in bright colors that reflect light. So, you can easily be found if something happens.

  • Eiger WS Gamora Bandana

A buff or mask is not only needed by bikers. But it is also needed by hikers. Especially during the dry season or summer, you will need a buff to protect yourself from dirt and sand that can damage your respiratory system. You are suggested to bring this small, versatile item when you are hiking. Women can also use a buff as a head accessory, scarf, and even hair tie.

Eiger WS Gamora Bandana is made from breathable and stretchy materials. It comes with eye-catching patterns and colors that will make you look fashionable.

Recommended Hiking Clothes for Men

  • Quechua MH100 Waterproof Mountain Hiking Rain Jacket

The first recommended hiking clothes for men are Quechua MH100 Waterproof Mountain Hiking Rain Jacket. It is a great option for those of you who look for an affordable hiking jacket. Just like the name, this jacket can protect you from the rain. Its waterproof feature is able to withstand the rain for 12 hours. It also comes with an adjustable and removable hoodie. It is also equipped with 3 pockets. With this jacket, you can stay warm though it is raining when you are hiking.

  • Eiger Forest Track 1.0 Pants

Generally, these pants are ideal for any outdoor activities, such as jogging, running, and hiking. Because these pants are made from comfortable materials. The knee area is specifically designed for easier movement. These hiking pants also have several pockets where you can store small items. You can turn these pants into shorts by opening the zipper at the bottom.

  • Forclaz Trek100 Mountain Trekking Down Jacket

This hiking jacket is as lightweight as a cotton and as warm as a blanket. Forclaz Trek100 Mountain Trekking Down Jacket is ideal to wear in snowy areas. Equipped with a hoodie and 2 handbags with zippers, it can keep you totally warm. Moreover, there is a strap in the waist part that can be tightened. There is a fill power that keeps cold air thermal insulation trapped underneath and in the fur.

Forclaz Trek100 Mountain Trekking Down Jacket is waterproof as well. So, it can also protect your from getting wet.

  • Eiger Borneo Ethnic XPDC

Last but not least is Eiger Borneo Ethnic XPDC. A black T-shirt is an essential fashion item for men. It is timeless, flexible, stylish, and suitable for any activities. Eiger Borneo Ethnic XPDC is made from comfortable materials. So that men can wear it for daily activities or outdoor activities, including hiking. You can combine it with hiking shorts, cargo pants, long pants, or other hiking clothes. Check more here on