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For First Time Buyers: 8 Reasons Why a 6 Person Tent is the Most Ideal One to Buy

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Do you have a plan to buy a dome tent soon? If this is your first time if buying it, the recommendation comes to a 6 person tent. Later, it is okay to buy other types of tent whether for more or fewer capacities. For a camper, owning a tent by yourself is very important. Particularly, it is if outdoor activities are your hobby and you tend to do them in routines. Sure, rather than renting the tent all the time, it is much better to purchase it. Moreover, there are so many qualified products to buy around. One of them is the Coleman 6 person. Furthermore, there are some reasons why a tent for 6 people is a good choice. Here they are.

It is the most ideal size

You can let only 2 or 3 people inside a 6-person tent. In contrast, you cannot let 5 or even 6 people inside a tent with less capacity. That’s why; this type of tent is the most ideal size to buy first. Interestingly, a tent for 6 people still means you can add people around 2. It depends on the brand and series indeed. However, this type of tent commonly can loads up to 8 people with stuff. It is a good thing if you just love to camp in a group. Meanwhile, in case you want to camp only with fewer people, a 6-person tent gives you a more spacious room.

8 reasons for buy 6 person tent

The tent is easier to find around

For higher demands, many brands tend to produce and provide more tent products for 6 people than fewer ones. That’s why; it is much easier to find them around. Many big brands also produce this type of tent with various designs, colors, and features. Well, the Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent is a good example of it. You can choose this product as it is quite strong and durable. Besides, the price offered is just compatible.

Recommended for Family Camping

Not all people love camping for challenges. Some of them do this activity just for fun or to spend their holiday. That’s why; they prefer camping with family and children rather than with fellow adventurers. This type of person tends to look for a cozy and homey atmosphere even if the activity is done in a jungle or open nature. This way, a dome tent with a bigger capacity feels better to choose. Yes, the number of people to include in this activity may only be around 3 or 4 people. Two of them can be kids below 12 years old. However, a bigger tent tends to make it feel more comfortable.

Recommended for Camping with Much Stuff to Bring

Camping is not only spending nights in open nature. There are probably many things you will do in the area. They are including trekking, fishing, or simply walking around to look for beautiful views. Therefore, there must be so many things to bring. On the road, you probably can put the stuff in the car. But after arriving at the camping ground, you cannot keep them there all the time. So, the only choice is putting the stuff inside the tent. This is another reason why a tent with a bigger capacity should be your first choice. Keeping much stuff inside the tent will no longer be a problem.

More Comfortable for a Solo Traveler

Do you love to do solo traveling? Well, if yes, the idea of buying a tent for 6 people may be quite silly. Moreover, it is also if you must buy the best 6 person tent that is commonly quite expensive. But there is a reason why this type of tent is still the best choice. When traveling alone, you still need to feel comfortable. You must sleep tightly at night so that you can do activities in the morning more eagerly. Sure, this benefit can be enjoyed with a more spacious tent and the 6 person tent seems the most ideal choice for this.

Recommended for a “Luxury” Camping

Yes, luxury camping refers to a camping activity by bringing all tools from home and other luxurious stuff. The tent used must be more expensive than the conventional one. However, if you are interested to conduct your own way of luxury camping with a small group of friends or family, a 6-person tent is the most ideal tent to choose from. It gives you a larger room and space to feel more comfortable. Sure, you can even load things like comfortable mattresses inside. So, although it is not the real definition of luxury camping, at least, it is just closer than that.

Saving More Money

Okay, yes it is true. A bigger tent is more expensive for sure. If you want to save your money more, indeed, it should be the smaller one to buy. However, if you also think about the effectiveness and the economical value entirely, the 6-person tent helps you save more money. Let’s say, you must spend around USD 60 for a tent for 3 people. Meanwhile, the price for a tent for 6 people is only around USD 95, not even twice more expensive than the 3-person one. Additionally, for that number, you have found a qualified tent like the collections of Coleman 6 person instant tent. In other words, yes, you must spend more money on it. However, your money is basically spent more effectively.

It is not even much heavier

Theoretically, carrying a bigger tent must be heavier than the smaller one. It can be that way for sure. But currently, many tent products are designed in a more ergonomic way. The materials used are also tested well so that they will not burden you when you must carry them without a car. Therefore, you should not worry that the big tent you buy is much heavier than the smaller one. Although it is probably indeed heavier, it is not so much different from other tents with fewer capacities. That’s why; if you are intending to buy a tent, buying the 6 person tent first is the best thing to do check detail on our store