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Campfire Cookware

Campfire Cookware with Fireproof Material to Enjoy Your Outdoor Cooking

Do you like the outdoor activity? Then, you must be familiar with a campfire. Some people use it to give warmness to their bodies. But, they also use it for cooking, especially in the mountain, when they do not bring a portable stove. If you want to cook using the fireplace, you must use the fireproof cookwares too. Here is the campfire cookware you need to have for outdoor cooking.

5 Cookwares Made From Fireproof Material

  1. Cast Iron Frying Pan

A frying pan is cookware that you need to make fried food like a fried egg, fried rice, etc. When you do not have a toaster or grill pan, you can use this product. Choose the one that made from the iron material. For the seasoning instructions, please scour, coat it with cooking oil, heat it in 300-degree, then remove the excess oiling. Make sure to wash it clearly after use.

  1. Steel Skillet for Campfire

It is one of the great campfire pans. This campfire cookware has a semicircular bottom with a lid to cook fast and easy. This is a perfect pan to use for outdoor cooking. It is made from carbon steel with high-quality heating properties. It heats up quickly and provides ideal heat distribution. It also has three legs that easy to peg it in the ground next to the bonfire.

  1. Campfire Tripod

Are you confused about how to hang pots above the fireplace? Here is the answer. Use this campfire tripod made from the metal material. It is collapsible and easy to carry. Don’t worry about spilling your meal into the flames. This campfire cookware has three legs that looped together with a pointed end to stick it into the ground. This item also comes with S-hook to hang pots.

  1. Campfire Metal Toaster

If you want to grill your food without the pan, then you can buy this one. This vintage metal toaster is fireproof cookware. It can be used for outdoor cooking using a campfire. You can put the meat, fish, or even bread in between the two sides of this item. You do not need to worry about burning your hand too. Because it has a long handle also made from a metal material.

  1. Fireproof Spatula

This campfire cookware is unique. It is made from three materials for its three parts. The wood for the handle, stainless steel for the connecting metal which is fastened with bronze rivets, and copper for the flat part that contacts with the food. The wood handle prevents you from feeling the heat. Besides it is very useful, it also can be beautiful decor in the kitchen, not only for outdoor cooking.

In conclusion, there are many cooking equipment that you can use for a camp. For example, a pan, skillet, spatula, and toaster. The most important thing is the tools must be made from the fireproof materials. So, they can't melt from the fire. Still don't have these cookwares? Wondering where to buy them? Come visit our store, you may find what you are looking for.