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Camp Kitchen Equipment You Have to Bring When Mountain Climbing

Do you like outdoor activities like mountain climbing? If yes, then you must bring the camp tools. They are mostly the camp kitchen equipment because there is no food store. Besides that, the temperature is low or very cold in the mountain. You need more energy from hot food or drink to warm your body. Check this information below to know what kind of equipment you should bring along.

5 Simple Kitchen Tools You Need to Have for Mountain Climbing

  1. Plate and Glass Made of Plastic

You don't think about bringing the glass-made eating set, right? If you think so, then you are wrong. Please change it to the plastic plate and glass. They can not be broken easily. Also, you can reduce the weight of your bag but still can eat properly. You already tired enough to climb the mountain, bring only the light stuff. This item of camp kitchen equipment will be very useful.

  1. Foldable Knife

A knife is what you need. You can use it for multi-purposes, such as cutting the wild-grass, tree's branches, and rope. Also, use it to open canned food. Besides, it can be your protection tool from danger during the trip. Nowadays, there is a foldable knife set that has various sizes with each different function. Usually, it comes with a small pouch. So, you can put it in on your bag.

  1. Portable Stove

This is the most important tool if you don't want to make a campfire for cooking. You can bring this portable stove anywhere, because it has a small size and quite light to bring. This is better than the campfire because this camp kitchen equipment doesn't take much time to turn on. But, do not forget to bring the gas stove. Bring two or three just in case you run out of it.

  1. Lighter

You never know what will happen, so please bring one or more lighters just to be safe. You can use it to make a bonfire or to turn on your portable stove if it is suddenly broken. Also, it is very light and space-saving even you can put it in your clothes pocket. Besides that, it can be a light source in case you forget to bring a lamp or lost it in the middle of the mountain. Check our Camping Lanterns list for more detail

  1. Cooking Set

If you're a mountain climber, then you must be familiar with the cooking set. It's a camp kitchen equipment that has dual functions, like a cooking and eating set. Usually, the cooking set consists of a pan, Teflon, bowl, and spatula. It's made from non-stick material and suitable to cook with oil or margarine. The weight is around 500 grams per set, so it's very light.

In conclusion, you have to bring the cooking equipment to keep alive on top of the mountain. The food keeps you warm and regains your energy. You can buy these items and other additional tools. Make sure it doesn't overweight. So, you can climb comfortably without feeling so heavy. Come to see our shop Outdoorel to easily find and purchase these camp equipment.