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Best Hunting Vest for Your Hunting Style

Best Hunting Vest for Your Hunting Style

Similar to all gear, choosing the best hunting vest comes from what hunting style that you will use. If you have a plan to go hunting in multiple seasons, you may need at least two jackets. One for your cold-weather hunting and another one uses during warmer weather.

Hunting Vest for Your Hunting Style

For stationery hunting, you will need a warmer and thicker jacket. You can buy a size that allows you to layer underneath. The base layer will manage the moisture then the mid-layer will help you to keep more heat. If you love to hunt backcountry, hiking, and even track down the mountains, you need a lighter, waterproof, and durable jacket. After you decide what you will use the jacket, it is time to consider the main features to support your decision.

Main features to consider

The materials

When you choose the best material, you have to be careful with finishes or materials which are shiny. If you wear a reflective fabric, you will be easier to recognize. If your jacket always swishes when you are walking around, you alert the creatures of your presence. You have to choose a material which is quite, non-reflective, and withstanding with some elements.

You should know that cotton is one of the most common materials for clothing, but it does not match well for your hunting need. The cotton will dry slowly when it gets wet, wears out fastly, retains a smell, and tears easier. Then the wool is heavier than cotton, but it will dry faster, and help you to retain the heat. This material is also odor resistant. These features can be used as an excellent base layer. Most of the outer layers, they are easier to catch on branches and plants. Keep in mind that high-quality materials are flexible, breathable, and lightweight. They will dry quickly, offer you with different moisture protections, and help you to retain the heat. Synthetic can be the best option when you are on the field. You need to be careful to avoid synthetics that are shiny and noisy at the same time.

The durability

You know that hiking backcountry through some blowdowns, and you need to pass rocky chutes which can affect your clothing. The same thing will be said for the early season in areas with many thorns. When you are in that area, you want to get the best result on durability.


The sky is only your limit these days when it comes to special features and compartment options in your hunting vests. From gear loops, shooting patches, ammo compartments, there are many questions about how much you want to do with your vents when sorting some options on the market. Keep in mind that a hunting vest needs to do two things that you should know, giving you protection from some elements and keep your necessary items to stay close with you. As long as you vest can do these functions, all those features and extras, such as hidden pockets are just a bonus for you.

The color

Your hunting vest is usually available in different colors, include anything from full patterns to blaze orange, and all combinations in between. Which one you will choose is usually depending on your personal preference and the rest of the equipment that you will wear in the field. Some hunters may love to maximize having a blaze orange when they hunt to make him visible as much as possible, while others may love to go camouflage with their clothing, and depending on touches of the blaze. There are many colors and styles that you can choose.

Things to know about hunting clothing

It is extremely suggested to wear layers. Therefore, if you get a bit too hot, you can take something off and catch up on your day. If you do not wear enough layers, and you feel cold, you will feel uncomfortable all day long. So, let’s take a closer to what clothes you need for hunting.

First, the inner layer

Most people will think that hunting clothing is about blaze orange clothing. If you love to hunt when there is snow on the ground, and it means that cold out there, then you need a warm inner layer to make you stay warm inside. When you want to purchase those items, you can get away from cotton. As mentioned before that cotton will get wet or damp easily, it will make you cold. You can go with polyester or wool materials. There are many options out there. Many excellent products can give you the best protection for you, but you should not look for the high-dollar items to get something sufficient. There are many options out there.

Do not forget your middle layer

This is a layer to help you stay warm and manage your body temperature as well. If you just starting, then it will be better to go with a wool sweater and jeans that you already had in your wardrobe. Ensure that this layer is not too hard to take off.  This outer layer is necessary since it helps you to protect from some elements, bushes, branches, and anything else that you will get in contact with. You should stay away from anything too bulky for your trip.

Wear your hunting vest

Keep in mind that blaze orange can help you to stay safe from other hunters and lower the risk of accidents. Most animals will rely on hearing noises and seeing movements to alert them related to your presence. However, if you have a concern about an animal that will see you, then you can consider wearing blaze orange camouflage, as long as it is legal in your country. It offers you with the broken patterns in the eyes, it hides you better rather than the plain vest, hat, and so on. Instead of considering the noises of your jacket, you do not want something which makes the whole jungle know that you are coming up. So, you can choose the best hunting vest for your hunting need here in